Techbeeo Software Company Ltd.

Techbeeo is a leading software development company in Bangladesh where we develop and customize ERP software, account management software, project management software, invoice and billing management software. We develop ERP software for small and large companies like garments, leather, textile, retail shop, rubber industry, and plastic industry and electrical manufacturing companies as well.

Our Skills

Zend Zend is a Certification program for PHP programmer. Zend Certified PHP Engineers (ZCE) are certified by Zend company that proves the person has the highest level of knowledge on PHP programming. Zend certification is recognized industry-wide for its core value. We added a list of Zend certified engineers on our website, who passed Zend certification from our institute. To qualify in the Zend exam, an engineer needs the highest level of technical knowledge on PHP programming. Also, Zend certified engineer has high demand on the job market that intends people to attend in a Zend certification program to add high-level skill as a badge.
PHP PHP is a server-side scripting language that people use to develop dynamic website and web based software’s. PHP is world recognized programming language that allows you to develop any kind of web base program effortlessly. You can easily write codes and make it compatible in web server. As this is server-side programming language, you can easily develop back-end program or software system that is suitable to develop data management system. Techbeeo offers PHP software development and application development as well. We develop any kind of PHP web base software and our dedicated team and developers are always ready to fulfill your requirements.
HTML HTML5 is considered as basement of web development. HTML5 brings all latest features on it that allows developer making user-friendly code and programs. You can easily identify best write HTML codes that supports any web browser. Thus the popularity of HTML5 increased a few times more. You can easily make responsive design and make it compatible for any browser. In our every project, we use HTML5 to keep our projects up to date with latest technology. We ensure safety, security and latest technology on our projects. We use HTML5 and CSS3 and most of the clients provide a basic requirement to use these programming languages now-a-days.
CSS CSS3 is advanced styling solution that helps to remove dependency on flash. People used flash to add dynamic animation on their website and this is hard always to use flash on your website. If you don’t want to use flash on your website, you can use CSS3 on your website. We use CSS3 and HTML5 combination to develop advanced programming system on any website. CSS3 is supportive in any web browser and this helps to make responsive website effortlessly. You can remove dependency on flash using this amazing programming language. Now-a-days people use HTML5 & CSS3 combination on their website to make dynamic and user-friendly website. We use CSS3 when we start any web project for our clients.
JavaScript JavaScript is advanced programming language that people use to create lightweight program. People make using JavaScript to get Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Use of JavaScript is increasing day by day and the trend is growing up. We use JavaScript in our web projects to make the website or software compatible with latest technology. If you are searching a team or IT firm who develop JavaScript programs, you can contact with us. JavaScript fast, reliable and strong that helps to develop latest UI website. All popular website is using JavaScript and Ajax system now-a-days. This loads any website very fast and removes scrolling system from the website as well.
Python Python is a framework of PHP that allows some advanced benefit and productivity comparing with Java and Visual Basic. All social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and MySpace provide API service for Python developers that ensure connectivity with them. You can easily develop services like social login using the API system. Thus Python is a popular programming language for the people. Python saves time and money for its simple and easy use.
Laravel Laravel is another popular PHP framework that allows you web applications like enterprise applications. It has core powerful restful router that allows using next API-Centric application. At Techbeeo, we have skilled Laravel developers and we develop Laravel website and web programs like different type of web base software and application. We are expert in creating Laravel application and websites. If you have any project related to Laravel, you can contact us.
NodeJS Node.Js has high demand in web application and mobile application development. Popular companies like PayPal, Dow Jones and Uber use Node.Js on their website. Node.Js is fast and powerful, thus the demand of the language is increasing day by day. It’s light and load very fast. Developers use Node.Js to develop mobile applications. This ensure high quality application development than other platform. Few popular companies link Yahoo and HP is migrating their service and they have already build few software for their company using this programming language.

Our Client

We have over 10 years experience of working with clients, large and small, and we know that our websites achieve results. We are dedicated to excellence and bring your idea to reality by developing a functional web application, meeting global web development standards. Each of our clients deserves a unique website with bespoke web design and that’s what we deliver.

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