What is Selling in ERP Software?

Selling is a transnational activity that indicates the profit or loss when a product reaches to a customer. In Techbeeo ERP, you will find a “Selling” module that will help you track the selling condition. You will able to identify the selling position and what is the next step to complete the product selling. We can divide the selling system into two different types.

  • Direct sell from stock & measure the profit loss before hitting the accounting department
  • Complex selling process

We will discuss both processes below:

  1. Easy Selling Process: If you go to the “Selling” module from global search or using “Explorer” option, you will find a page like below image.

To add a new entry, go to “Selling > Sales Order” and click on “New” button from the right top corner. You will find below options on the newly appeared page like below image.

  • Customer: If you have previously created a customer, you can use it easily. Otherwise, you can create a customer using the “Create New Customer” option.
  • Oder Type: You have to select sales, maintenance or shopping cart depending on sales type.
  • Date: You have to select selling date from this option.
  • Delivery Date: You have to select a convenient delivery date from this option.
  • Customer’s Purchase Order: You have to enter purchase order-related information in this section.
  • Address and Contact: You can add contact address and contact number in this section. We will learn about “Territory” later.
  • Currency and Price List: Using this we can mention, what will be the default currency for the transaction? We are using Bangladeshi Taka as our currency; you can use any currency you want.
  • Taxes and Charges: Percentage of Tax can be set in this section.
  • Additional Discount: If there has any extra discount, you can add here.
  • Payment Terms: To sell any product, you can set a few terms using this option.
  • Terms & Conditions: To set the terms and condition for individual products, you can use this option.
  • More Information: You can add additional information here.
  • Printing Details: Using this option, you can add a printing head and letterhead.
  • Billing and Delivery Status: You have to set this option.
  • Commission: If you want to set any commission on the sale, you have to set in this option.
  • Sales Team: Company who sales product using a sales team, they need this option.

After adding all the information you have to save and submit and you will find it on the sales order list. Its status will be “To deliver & bill”.

Inside the option you will find “Make” button, you have to click payment option and you will find below page. You can select the mode of payment. Then you have to save and submit the form. Now the status will be changed to “To Deliver”.

If you enter in this option, you can select a delivery option. Then you will find the delivery form. Now save and submit the form. Now the status will be completed and you will get notification “Sales Order Complete”.

  1. Complex Process of Selling System: In TechBeeo ERP, all organizations are large, if there has multiple divisions and work for multiple employees. In this term, if you apply a complex selling process, work efficiency will increase.

Quotation: When a customer sends an inquiry to the supplier to about product price, this is considered as a quotation. A customer can submit quotation like below image.

You will find below fields in this form.

  • Quotation To: To whom the quotation is generated you have to select the name. It can be for lead owner or customer as well.
  • Customer: Customer name should be mentioned here.
  • Date and Valid Till: Quotation date and how many dates it will stay valid, you have to select a date.
  • Order Type: You have to select order type from sales, maintenance, and shopping card.
  • Address and Contact: You can input customer details and contact information here.
  • Currency and Price List: Default currency for a transaction you have to set here.
  • Taxes and Charges: You have to set tax percentage as per government rules and regulations.
  • Additional Discount: If you want to allow an extra discount, you have to set here.
  • Payment Terms: If there have any terms and condition of selling, you can set it here.
  • Print Settings: You have to set print setting here.
  • More Information: If there has any other information, you have to set it here.

After filling all the necessary information, you have to save and submit the form.

In a similar way, open a new sales order and fill all necessary fields. After save and submit, you will find the Make button. After filling all the necessary steps, your sales order will be completed. You need to go through a process like an invoice, payment, and delivery. In every step, you have to save and submit.