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Human resource is one of the most important assets of any company is the workforce they employ to deal with the day to day running of the business. The effectiveness that a workforce is able to have on the various roles and responsibilities connected to managing the company can play a large part in the overall efficiency of the business’s activities.

A workforce is crucial for any company, and a business, no matter how automated, will need a number of individuals behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. With this in mind, it can be argued that the management of a company’s Human Resource department is an important aspect with regard to the functionality of the business in general.

Any successful company will need to ensure that they have a good handle on the workers they employ, in relation to their management and upkeep.

What does TechBeeo Payroll Human Resource Management software provide?

TechBeeo Payroll and Human Resource Management Software aims to provide companies with a much-needed workforce management solution. Dealing with the various criteria involved in managing a company’s staff can be tasking at times, especially when the workforce in question is made up of a large number of people in various departments.

It is not always easy to keep track of all the factors related to employee management and our software is designed to ease the burden on those responsible for maintaining accurate records of company staff.

TechBeeo Payroll and Human Resource Management Software allow its user to complete a number of tasks without sacrificing too much energy. Some of the tasks that can be completed using this system include:

  • Maintaining past and present employee records, including their related departments, contact information, and salaries.
  • Payment of the various staff members employed by a company, including tax, social security, and any other related deductions. The software is designed to integrate any kind of tax deductions that the company is required to make and can be customized according to our clients’ particular needs.
  • Maintenance of other employee records such as performance and appraisal records, attendance records and salary advances.
  • Calculation of employee sick and leave days in relation to salary compensation.

Additional benefits

TechBeeo Payroll and Human Resource Management Software also provides a platform for communication between individuals managing a company’s employees and their salaries to avoid any potential confusion that might result in salary/wage complications.

It can be argued that the most essential element of this software is its payroll features, which allows for the generation of salary slips. However, the other components of our TechBeeo Human Resource Management Software provide complementary services that improve the payroll capabilities of the software.

For instance, the maintenance of accurate attendance records will play a large role in determining the wages of an employee.

TechBeeo Payroll and Human Resource Management Software holds a number of advantages for those who choose to utilize it including a level of accuracy in calculations that can only be achieved via a precise automated system, an easy and efficient way to keep track of the employee payroll, and a reliable means of generating salary slips for employees in different locations and/or departments.


  • Employee Management
  • Expense Claim
  • Attendance
  • Salary And Payroll
  • Appraisal
  • Job Applicant
  • Job Opening
  • Offer Letter
  • Training Management
  • Tools
    • Employee Attendance Tool
    • Upload Attendance
  • Human Resources Reports
  • Setup
    • HR Settings
    • Employment Type
    • Branch
    • Department
    • Designation
    • Earning Type
    • Deduction Type
    • Holiday List
  • Holiday List
  • Human Resource Setup
  • Daily Work Summary
  • Fleet Management
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Leave Calculation In Salary Slip
  • Leave Application

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