TechBeeo Board of Directors

Tofayel Ahmed, PhD Chairman

Mr. Tofayel Ahmed is the chairman of the Techbeeo Software Consultancy Services Ltd. He manages all administrative concerns and affairs of the company in addition to Business Development. He has 39 years’ experience as system architect of Management Information System (MIS) of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He did his masters with honors in statistics from the University of Dhaka in 1975. He started his career as researcher in Bangladesh Fertility Survey as a part of World Fertility Survey in the field of health and family planning conducted in 1975. He then moved to the Govt. service in the department of Family Planning of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as Assistant Director of Management Information System (MIS). During his career in government services, he was promoted to the position of Director, MIS and served in this position for a number of years.

He got many National and International training in the relevant field at home and abroad. He was actively involved in developing a number of tools for measuring the performance indicators of national family planning and health services. While in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare he did MPH from the school of public Health from the University of Texas, USA and PhD in MIS from the University of Dhaka in collaboration with University of Hawaii, Honololu, USA. He attended many national and International seminars and presented key note papers on MISs. He was project Directors for a good number of projects including Computerized Management Information system of district family planning offices. He then voluntarily resigned from government service in 2003 and started working as national consultant for many donors such as UNICEF, CIDA, World Bank , GIZ, UNAIDS, WHO, ICDDRB,JICA etc. He has as many as 100 publications in his credit on MIS Performance statistics.

Tofayel Ahmed, PhD

Masud Alam, ZCE Managing Director

Masud Alam is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of TechBeeo Software Consultancy Services Ltd. He supervises the day-to-day operations of the Company in addition to product development. He is also the technology strategist for the Company. He with Md. Abu Sayem and Md. Mirazul Hossain Mithu, ZCE founded the Company in 2012.

Masud Alam holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of Bangladesh, He is also a Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer. He is a Senior Course Instructor of Zend PHP 5.3 Certification and professional web development course at IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Limited - a leading Training Institute in the country.

Previously, Masud Alam held a number of leadership positions at Winux Soft Ltd, SSL Wireless Ltd, CIDA and MAX Group where he worked on ERP software and web development.

Masud Alam

Md. Abu Sayem Director

Mr. Md. Abu Sayem is the Lead of ERP Development and Director of TechBeeo Software Consultancy Service Limited. He analyze and design ERP software and also act as a project Manager. He also provide technical knowledge to the programmers. Mr. Sayem along with Masud Alam, and Mirazul Hossain Mithu founded the company in 2012.

Mr. Sayem holds Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering from Daffodil International University and continuing Masters of Science in Information Technology from University of Dhaka.

He is the consultant of ERPNext (ERP) and Frappe Framework (Build for ERPNext Development in Python) and also a IP Telephony Expert. He previously worked as a senior Software Engineer at AsteriskBD and build their MIS software for Asterisk framework which is implemented in several company also outside Bangladesh.

Md. Abu Sayem

Mirazul Hossain Director

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Mirazul Hossain