TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP is a comprehensive solution portfolio that enables you to plan, schedule, execute and monitor the entire manufacturing business. From raw materials to final product our mixed-mode, to-order philosophy provides the greatest level of flexibility and agility possible. Embracing the latest in technology and built on a single unified data model, TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP provides a real-time, accurate view of your manufacturing process, so you can proactively manage your operations with confidence. Embedded business process management's provides the flexibility you need to do business the way you want to do it.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Modules:

1. Accounts

At the end of sales and purchase cycle comes billing and payments. You may have an accountant in your team, or you may be doing accounting yourself, or you may have outsourced your accounting. In all the cases financial accounting forms the core of any business management system like an ERP.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Accounts Module helps your company with following features:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Making Payments
  • Advance Payment Entry
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Credit Limit
  • Opening Entry
  • Closing A Financial Period
  • Accounting Reports
  • Accounting Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budgeting
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Cost Centers And Budgeting
  • Fiscal Year
  • Opening Accounts
  • Payment Tool
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Point Of Sale POS Invoice

2. Inventory

For most business that deal in physical goods, a large part of their net worth is invested in the stock in hand.

Best Practice

There are two aspects to good material management:

  • Good housekeeping / visual control: Keep all your items in separate bins, neatly stacked and labelled.

“A place for everything and everything in its place”
  • Accurate Data: Accurate data comes from good processes and recording each and every transaction. If you are only partially recording your inventory then your reports will be incorrect

 “Garbage In Garbage Out”

If you have good processes to control movement of goods within your organization, implementation in TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP will be a breeze.

Material Flow

There are three main types of entries:

  • Purchase Receipt: Items received from Suppliers against Purchase Orders.
  • Stock Entry: Items transferred from one Warehouse to another.
  • Delivery Note: Items shipped to Customers.
How does TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP track stock movement / levels?

Tracking stock is not just about adding and subtracting quantities. Some complications arise when:

  • Back-dated (past) entries are made / edited: This affects future stock levels and may lead to negative stock.
  • Stock has to be valued based on First-in-First-out: TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP needs to maintain a sequence of all transactions to know the exact value of your Items.
  • Stock reports are required at any point in time in the past: You have to look up what was the quantity / value your stock of Item X on date Y.

To manage this, TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP collects all inventory transactions in a table called the Stock Ledger Entry. All Purchase Receipts, Stock Entries and Delivery Notes update this table.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Inventory Module helps your company with following features:

  • Product/Item Management System
  • Multiple Warehouse Management System
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Delivery Note
  • Material Issue
  • Sales Return
  • Purchase Return
  • Projected Quantity
  • Accounting Of Inventory Stock
  • Item Valuation Fifo And Moving Average
  • Opening Stock
  • Landed Cost

3. Selling

Selling is the communication that happens with the customer prior to and during the sale. You might be managing all the communication yourself or you may have a small team of sales people to handle this. TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP helps you track the communication leading up to the sale, by keeping all your documents in an organized and searchable manner.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP helps you track business Opportunities from Leads and Customers, send them Quotations and make confirmed Sales Orders.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Selling Module have following features:

  • Customer Management
  • Product Discount System
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Person And Sales Territory
  • Sales Bill Of Material
  • Campaign Management

4. Purchasing

If your business involves physical goods, buying is one of your core business activity. Your suppliers are as important as your customers and they must be provided with as much accurate information as possible.

Buying in right amounts, in right quantities, can affect your cash flow and profitability.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP contains a set of transactions that will make your buying process as efficient and seamless as possible.

  • Supplier Management System
  • Material Request
  • Supplier Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Taxes

5. Manufacturing

The Manufacturing module in TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP helps you to maintain multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) for your Items. It helps in product costing, production planning, creating production orders for your manufacturing shop floors and planning inventory by getting your material requirement via BOMs (also called Material Requirements Planning MRP).

Types of Production Planning

Broadly there are three types of Production Planning Systems

  • Make-to-Stock: In these systems, production is planned based on a forecast and the Items are then sold to distributors or customers. All fast moving consumer goods that are sold in retail shops like soaps, packaged water etc. and electronics like phones etc. are Made-to-Stock.
  • Make-to-Order: In these systems, manufacturing takes place after a firm order is placed by a customer.
  • Engineer-to-Order: In this case each sale is a separate project and has to be designed and engineered to the requirements of the customer. Common examples of this are any custom business like furniture, machine tools, specialty devices, metal fabrication etc.

Most small and medium sized manufacturing businesses are based on a make-to- order or engineer-to-order system and so is
TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP.

For engineer-to-order systems, the Manufacturing module should be used along with the Projects module.

Manufacturing and Inventory

You can track work-in-progress by creating work-in-progress Warehouses.

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP will help you track material movement by automatically creating Stock Entries from your Production Orders by building from Bill of Materials.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP):

The earliest ERP systems were made for manufacturing. The earliest adopters were automobile companies who had thousands of raw materials and sub- assemblies and found it very hard to keep track of requirements and plan purchases. They started using computers to build the material requirements from forecasts and Bill of Materials.

Later these systems were expanded to include Finances, Payroll, Order Processing, and Purchasing and thus became the more generic Enterprise Resource Systems (ERP). More recently Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was added as a function and is now an integral part of ERP systems.

These days the term ERP is used to describe systems that help manage any kind of organization like education institutes (Education ERP) or Hospitals (Hospital ERP) and so on.

Best Practice: Lean Manufacturing

The state of art manufacturing philosophy (the rationale behind the planning processes) comes from Japanese auto major Toyota. At the time when American manufacturers depended on MRP systems to plan their manufacturing based on their sales forecasts, they turned around the problem by discovering a leaner way of planning their production. They realized that:

The biggest cause of wastage in manufacturing is variation (in product and quantity).

So they standardized their products and sub-assemblies and sold fixed quantities based on what they produced or did not produce based on what they sold. This way, they had an extremely predictable and stable product mix. If they sold less than planned, they would simply stop production.

Their card signaling system kanban, would notify all their suppliers to stop production too. Hence they never used any of the complex material planning tools like MRP to play day-to-day material requirements, but a simple signaling system that said either STOP or GO.

They combined this system with neatly managed factories with well labeled racks.

Small manufacturing companies are usually make-to-order or engineer-to-order and can hardly afford to have a high level of standardization. Thus small manufacturing businesses should aim for repeatability by innovating processes and creating a common platform for products.

  • Bill Of Materials
  • Production Planning Tool
  • Production Order
  • Subcontracting
  • Make To Order Manufacturing
  • Make To Stock Manufacturing
  • Quality Inspection

6. Projects

TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP helps you manage your Projects by breaking them into Tasks and allocating them to different people.

Purchasing and selling can also be tracked against Projects and this can help the company keep tabs on its budget, delivery and profitability for a Project.

Projects can be used to manage internal projects, manufacturing jobs or service jobs. For service jobs, Time Sheets can also be created that can be used to bill Customers if billing is done on a Time & Money basis.

  • Project
  • Tasks
  • Time Log

7. POS

8. Customer Relationship Management

Great customer support and maintenance is at the heart of any successful small business. TechBeeo Manufacturing gives you the tools to track all incoming requests and issues from your customers so that you can respond quickly. Your database of incoming queries will also help you track where the biggest opportunities are for improvements.

In this module, you can track incoming queries from your email using Support Ticket. You can keep track on Customer Issues raised by Customers on specific Serial No and respond to them based on their warranty and other information. You can also make Maintenance Schedules for Serial Nos and keep a record of all Maintenance Visits made to your Customers.

  • Support Ticket
  • Customer Issue
  • Maintenance Visit
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Newsletter

9. Roles Management

10. Human Resource Management

While maximizing the value of your company's most important resource, its workforce, you also need to minimize what you spend on managing it. Additionally, as your organization grows, finding more cost-effective, flexible solutions to administer your growing, diverse and dispersed workforce becomes a necessity. TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP also covers the processes linked to managing a team of co-workers. Most important feature here is processing the payroll by using the Salary Manager to generate Salary Slips. There are a set of rules for the company to deduct taxes and social security from employee payroll. TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP allows to accommodate all types of taxes and their calculation. It also maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, and appraisal records. TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Software provides a unique advantage addressing these challenges through an integrated, intuitive, flexible and comprehensive HRM solution with, calendar, notes, Messages, To do and daily activity.

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance
  • Salary And Payroll
  • Expense Claim
  • Appraisal
  • Holiday List
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Provident Fund
  • Gratuity

11. Customer Portal

Customer Portal is designed to give easy accessibility to customers of a company. This portal allows customers to login and find out information relevant to them. They can trace communication history of their mails. They can also check order status by logging into the website.

  • Customer Orders Invoices
  • Customer Shipping Status
  • Portal Sign Up and Login
  • Support Tickets

12. Website

Websites are a core component of any business and having a good website usually means:

  • Invest lot of money.
  • Difficult to update.
  • Not interactive.

Unless you are a web designer yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to update your product catalog on your site automatically from your ERP?

We thought exactly the same and hence built a small Website Development app right inside TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP! Using TechBeeo Manufacturing ERP Website module, you can

  • Create Web Pages
  • Write a Blog
  • Publish your Product Catalog using the Item master

We will soon be adding a shopping cart facility so that your customers can place orders and pay you online!

Though not necessary, to make a good website, you might have to know a bit of HTML / CSS or hire the services of a professional. The good part is that once this is setup, you can add and edit content, blogs and products directly from your ERP.

  • Web Pages
  • Web Forms
  • Styling The Website
  • Blog Post
  • Add Products To Website
  • Shopping Cart

13. Collaboration Tools

We live in an era when people are very comfortable communicating, discussing, asking, assigning work and getting feedback electronically. The Internet acts as a great medium to collaborate on work too. Taking this concept into ERP system, we have designed a bunch of tools whereby you can Assign transactions, manage your To Dos, share and maintain a Calendar, maintain a company wise Knowledge Base, Tag and Comment on transactions and send your Orders, Invoices etc via Email. You can also send instant messages to other users using the Messaging tool.

These tools are integrated into all aspects of the product so that you can effectively manage your data and collaborate with your co-workers.

  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Assignment
  • Tags
  • Collaborating Around Forms