Web Debelopment

Web Design Services

If you look outwards, to the public, your clients, and suppliers and potential staff or partners then your website is one of the most obvious ways you show your brand, tell your story and engage with those people.

Despite that, many organizations have websites that are hard to manage, aren’t easily found by search engines, and which look terrible and quite possibly can’t even be used on mobile phones and tablets.

We build websites to the highest standards of development and design: we’ll set you on the right footing by building a site that is standards-based, adjusts for different screen sizes (including smart phones of course), and has a custom content management system that is genuinely easy to use so that you can keep it updated and fresh. However, this doesn’t mean you’re locked in with us — we build websites and applications using open source technologies, and what we build for you is yours.

Sounds good?  Our real talent is building highly functional web sites and web applications — systems that integrate with your other systems, enable clients to log in and manage their work with you, and which allow you to offer services online.

We design for your target audience……


Web Development

Techbeeo has a vast amount of proven experience when it comes to web development. If you have an idea that you are looking to model from a web development or systems integration perspective this is exactly what we do best. Development services can be provided in a range of languages including but not limited to PHP, SQL Programming, HTML 5.0, CSS3, JavaScript. All development takes into account future scalability and is delivered via appropriate frameworks designed to grow with your business needs. At the beginning of your website development project, we will sit down with you in an initial consultation to discuss your current branding, guidelines, target audience, vision, likes and dislikes to form an overall picture of the best 'look and feel' for your website. We will also discuss the website content and user scenarios to build the most appropriate navigation structure. This could include such options as drop-down menus, keyword search and breadcrumb trails, as well as the incorporation of your branding into a customized look.

Open Source Customization

We openly focus on make custom open source applications. Our web programmers are veterans in the programming of PHP/mySQL services. When it comes to open source applications, we do our research so you can be sure you are getting the best option, which benefits and meets all your unique business needs. If required we can even help with the move to the new software from your existing application. If you ever need to reform the function or increase your application with new features then you don’t have to worry because we offer ongoing technical support.
Customizing Choices
We have a full team that offers custom open source work. This team features expert graphic designers and developers so you can get help with the entire process. Our team does not stop at designing a template and website; they keep going to help you install, activate modes and many any modifications that you require. Our easy domain includes a full range of open source products including Drupal CMS Customization, Joomla Customization, Mambo Customization, Wordpress Customization, OsCommerce, and Magneto Ecommerce.
The Benefits
When it comes to customizing your open source application, you can enjoy a variety of benefits including the following:

  • Reducing the time and cost of development.
  • The authority to make software modifications.
  • Increase the portability.
  • A variety of available feature enhancements.
  • Developing additional modules if necessary.
  • A user interface design that is custom made.
  • Better security features.
  • Using the internet to have access to a large availability of source codes.